Select Placements

“Starfish Bay Debuts First US List”

Publishers Weekly

“Lego Toys Have Become Increasingly More ‘Violent,’ Study Says”

ABC News

“Urban Gardner: Examining a Life Well Lived”

The Wall Street Journal

“The Woman Who Remembers Mahler”

The New Yorker

“The Choir, The Clarinet and the Adrienne Rich Part”

The New York Times – (music review)

“Praetorius: In Dulci Jubilo,” an early-music program

The New York Times – (Spare Times)

“Matthew Shepard Tribute”

The New York Times – (Spare Times)

“Tribute to World’s Oldest Holocaust Survivor”

The New York Times – (Spare Times)

“Requiem Pro Avibus Mortuis (Requiem for Extinct Birds)”

The New York Times – Earth Day Celebrations – (Spare Times)

“A Crusading Suffragist Is Restored to Church Membership”

The New York Times 

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel-Martin Luther King, Jr. Interfaith Service

The New York Times  – (Spare Times)

“Sacred Music for the Holy Season”

The New York Times

“Music for a Season of Solemnity and Joy”

(Park Avenue Christian Church)

The New York Times

“Do you Hear What I Hear? Holidays”

(Park Avenue Christian Church)

The New York Times

“Riff, The Beloved Community”

The New York Times

“Obama, King, and politics of peace”  (advisor)

(op-ed by Peter Heltzel)

USA Today

“Fakery and Shakespeare”

Harvard Magazine

“Famous Comedian, Dangerous Playwright”

(profile of the actor, author, and playwright Wallace Shawn)

Harvard Magazine

“Storytelling Spaces”

(profile of Tony Award winning set designer Derek McLane)

Harvard Magazine

“Alumni Profile: Geoff Rich ’78 and Peter Alkalay ’68, Off-Broadway producers”

Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW)

“Counterfeit Camelot”

American Theatre Magazine

“Astre Records to Celebrate the Release of DEDICATION”

Broadway World

“Analyse These”

by Benedict Carey

(150th Anniversary of Freud’s Birth)

The New York Times

“A Rare Day: The Movies Get Mental Illness Right”

by Erica Goode

The New York Times

“Even in the Age of Prozac, Some Still Prefer the Couch”

by Erica Goode

The New York Times

“Therapists Go Crazy for One in ‘Sopranos’”

by Sarah Boxer

The New York Times

“Your Day Has Arrived, New York, but Your Hour Is Up”

by Clyde Haberman

The New York Times

“Freud in Our Midst”

by Jerry Adler and Claudia Kalb

Newsweek – (Cover Story)

“Seeing A Virtual Shrink”


“Got Bonus Envy?”

New York Observer

“Parents Can Counteract ‘Environments’ Created by Children’s Genes”

The Wall Street Journal

“Once a Psychoanalyst, Novartis’s Chief Uses His Skills to Manage”

The Wall Street Journal

“Group Therapy”

The Industry Standard

“How Do You Feel About That?”

by Alec Wilkinson

The New Yorker – (Talk of the Town)

“Analysts Unspooled”

by Adam Green

The New Yorker

“Supersizing the Brain? The Drama of Neuroscience”

Psychology Today